Just as the bride wants to look perfect on the day, we at SA’cuir believe the groom also should look his best when standing on the stage on the most important day of his life. At Bespoke Shoe Studio my role will be to help you to customize the best shoe which will match your wedding suit.
Formal Wedding

Formal Wedding

If your wedding is formal, a classic black wholecut or oxfords would suit best with a tuxedo or suit (depending on color). An equal emphasis should be given to shoes.

Casual Wedding

If your wedding is not a formal ceremony, depending on the suit, go brown, dark tan or even red. For stylish look, you can try out monk straps and brogues etc for your shoes.

Color of groom’s wedding shoes

When it comes to shoes color for the groom, it is dependent on the color of the suit and also the formality of the wedding. Color enhance the royalty.

Wedding Party

While partying, the sole of a shoe is what you should look. Look for soles that can handle moving your feet and sliding across the floor without being too sticky.

Wedding Shoe Collection
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Note: Wedding shoe size starts from 5 and goes till 13

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