The Casual Wedding Shoes

The Casual Wedding Shoes

Today I will talking about the casual wedding shoes.

As we all know that the wedding in India or rather say Indian weddings are not 1 day affair. It has 3 to 4 days of different ceremonies, and one of them is for sure the casual function for close friends and relatives. So during this day the groom prefers to wear causal dress and wants to look stylish.

My personal suggestion on any of the casual event groom should choose to wear loafers which is the perfect fit to go with Pathani, Salwar Kameez or any smart casual dress. Im sure no one wants to see the groom wearing formal suit with tie or sherwani too.

At SA’cuir page we will be uploading Casual Wedding Shoe designs shortly and will be helping the grooms to guide them with Bespoke Wedding Shoe for any wedding events.

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